Welcome to Bizeau Family Dentistry.


The first step at Bizeau Family Dentistry is not a check up. It's not an x-ray or an exam. The first step is meeting you, saying hello and learning a little more about who you are and letting you see who we are.

Everyone in our office wants to make sure you're comfortable. We realize that dentist and comfortable is usually an oxymoron, so we've put in the extra work and effort to ensure that, from the time Ashley greets you at the door to the time you sit back down in your car, your experience with us is easy and enjoyable.

If you want to get started on the first step with us, call Ashley or stop by the office.



Very impressed with the quality of care from Dr Gabe. You guys are great!
— Melissa
I don't know of anyone else offering connective tissue grafting. Incredible!
— Maryam